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Foreign body_trio (work-in-progress)

Through an attempt to make body look unfamiliar, it asks the meaning of “foreign” in our society.




Foreign body_solo

foreign body
_ 1. unfamiliar body
_2. body of immigrant
_3. an object that has come into something else, usually by accident, and should not be in it
There are people who are not integrated into society, not only in their own country where they were born, but also in a foreign country where they stay. They are hidden, unprotected and stateless.
Historically and recently, there are always people who search for the land where they can stay safely. From diaspora till immigrant, there are always foreign bodies who stands on other´s land.
A pure body describes their / our journey how they / we come, where they / we stand, about their / our instability in a metaphorical realism. A body moves from unfamiliar to familiar, from abstract to realistic, from hidden to open.
Through electronic sound-scape and field recordings, the music creates unfamiliar surroundings, disharmonious ambiance and follows the path of the movements.


Choreography & Dance Howool Baek
Compositon & Live music Matthias Erian
Light Design Hendrik Haupt
Video Recording Yoann Trellu
Photography Jörg Hemmen
co-production Asphalt Festival Dusseldorf
supported by Korean Culture Center Berlin
funded by Arts Council Korea
Thanks to Jungsun Kim




Did U Hear

Does everyone have to have two legs? Does everyone have to learn how to breathe? Does everyone have to look well? Does everyone have to be colored same? Does everyone have to be straight? Does everyone have to be normal?
What is normal?

Isn ́t it that abnormal what we think is actually normal for the most of people?

People look at the same direction and step their feet into a footprint which the others left. Sometimes it doesn ́t fit their feet. But they care about surrounding, follow invisible rules and try to reshape their feet to fit into the footprint.

Everyone has their own struggling and weight in life. The social stereotype and prejudice drag us down deeper.
We have a right to step with our own shape of feet into a way where nobody was before .

We have a right to choose our direction, even if it takes longer.

There is a hope inside the despair. There are everywhere the rose inside of us, when we believe in ourselves.

Choreography*Dance Howool Baek
Composition*Live music Matthias Erian
Co-production Im_flieger / Austria
Support  Arts Printing House / Lithuania
                 Tanzzentrale / Germany





NOTHING for 60 min


[NOTHING for 60min] is a body image work which focused on body movement combine to live media and sound. 

It begins from „NOTHING for body“ and represented by unique language of each artistic expression under the same theme and concept.
It tells about our subjective point of view to the other through the new view of the body. 
harmonized expression between the body, media and sound, not to lean to one side.It changes a perception of the body an
Audience will see the same movement images at the same time, at the same space. 
But we want that all they have different feelings and images from this work and take it how they imagined.
The subject who makes the images are the audience, not the performer.
The delicate movements of hands and feet which moves inside the body space makes the several images through the light. 
And the movements of wrinkle and muscle close-up is shown in real time video. 
Recorded sound of the body makes rhythmical structure and experimental sonic.
You will see the body. But you will forget that it’s the body.
Choreography*Dance*Live video streaming  Howool Baek
Composition*Live music & video streaming Matthias Erian
Dramaturgy Kyu Choi
Light Design Jae-sung Lee
Co-production AsiaNow (Korea) , EN-Knap (Slovenia)
Support SKE fonds (Austria)
Swedish arts Grants Committee’s International Dance Program (Sweden)
  Danskontoret – Kultur i Vast (Sweden)
Dansbyran (Sweden)
Fabrik Potsdam (Germany)
Tanz Hotel (Austria)
  Seoul International Performing Arts Festival (Korea)



NOTHING for body


"NOTHING for body"
choreography: howool baek, music: matthias erian

We know about ourselves. 

How is it with the others? 

They see me through their point of view, and take a part of me how they want. 

They know me.

But it’s NOTHING.>

“NOTHING for body”
choreography: howool baek
music: matthias erian




choreography / dance: howool baek
dance: kwang-min kim
music: matthias erian




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