-co- jung sun kim


There is no landscape

How to move (within) a museum? In a place where we hold on to things we freeze in some “original” state. What does it mean for movement to encounter the different temporality of this space? So how can dancing bodies enter the museum without becoming an object on display, a frozen spectacle, a foreign body that does not belong here. What happens when the sculpture starts looking back?

We inhabit three different spaces of the museum: there are 9 performances happening, always 3 at a time, employing means of dance, sound installation and performative action. Using repetitive material, in movement and sound, as a key to switch between a spectator and a performer. Do our bodies remain strangers, ghosts, some lost animals, or where are the moments of real encounter?

Concept – Jung Sun Kim / Matthias Erian

Choreography – Jung Sun Kim

Sound Installation, Composition, Sound Design – Matthias Erian

Performance – Jung Sun Kim, Kyung Ho Nah, Hyunsook Ahn

Dramatrugy – Constanze Schellow

Choreographic Assistant – JaYoungYoon

Costume – Sunny Lim

Guide – Jeonghyun Kwon, Joohyun Lee, Eun Saem Cho

at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

Co-organzed by (MMCA, KNCDC)

Supported by Goethe Institut, Austrian Embassy


20 Personen
Eine Bühnenbildnerin, ein Flüchtling, eine Grafikdesignerin, zwei Hausfrauen, eine Kindergärtnerin, eine Künstlerin, zwei Musikerinnen, eine Performerin, drei Tänzerinnen, eine Sängerin, vier Studentinnen (Anthropologie, Choreographie, Kunst), eine Yoga-Lehrerin, ein Zimmermann.

Jetzt treffen sie aufeinander und machen zusammen „contemporary gymnastic”.

Konzept, Choreographie: Jung Sun Kim
Musikkomposition und -leitung: Matthias Erian
Bühne, Lichtdesign: Cheng Ting Chen
Musik: Bo-Sung Kim, Hyo-Jin Shin
Dramaturgische Unterstützung: Jaelee Kim
Assistenz: Alessandra Vasilieva, Viviana Defazio

Performer*innen : Alessandra Defazio, Ayad Milko, Bo Sung Kim, Chiara Picotto,
Cristina Druga, Emily Jeffries, Gregor Gross, Hanna Shin, Hyo Jin Shin, Hyosil Lee,
Jonas Wentritt, Katarzyna Guzowska, Katerina Delakoura, Katharina Resch,
Kerstin Porges, Lisa Hofmann, Lucia Albini, Nicoleta Tutuianu, Polyxeni Angelidou,
Sanghwa Park