BUKSORI orchestral band





BUKSORI orchestral group is an Installation and/or Live-Performance by matthias erian . me, created during the artist-residency “sound+:pansori” organized by Asia-Now Production Seoul, november 2011.

This work is a reflection on the Korean-Traditional Music Pansori.




Created as an sound-installation, the objects stand also for an new way of music instrument  for electroacoustic music. The loudspeaker inside the object is only one part of the sonic-source. True the physical reaction on played low frequencies, the hand-stick start to move and generate acoustic impulses, with singly rhythmical variations.

Every object engender there own character as a musician, which is playing to notes of a score in there own interpretation.




This work deconstructs and reconstructs Pansori and reflect in this way the modern way of our society.
Pansori means place (pan) and sound (sori) in Korean, the loudspeaker in combination with the buk-drum becomes the place (Pan) where the sound start to exist, as well as the space which presents the music to the audience. The voice remains to be the leader, the Buk follow the vibration of the voice.
The good son hand (Hyo Ja Seon)” is the connection, in the installation, to the story of the Pansori Lyric “Simcheong-ga”, in which the daughter, Shimcheong gives away her life for her father`s eyesight. “