Radio Erian

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Is it true that the project Radio Erian has existed for 10 years and 5 CDs have been released?

In principle, yes, except that the project will be present on 9 June 2018 in Klagenfurt’s New Amsterdam Bar its first release and this will be available there on cassettes.

Michael Erian – saxophones

Matthias Erian – Electronics

A meeting of two musicians from two different directions.

A communicating of two brothers.

Radio Erian is a mixture of jazz and experimental electronics.

Is it true that Radio Erian is a saxophone quartet?

In principle, yes, except that it is not a quartet, but a duo and only a saxophone and an electronic musician play together, but besides all is right.

Is Radio Erian a project of various painters who have dedicated themselves to a particular style?

In principle, yes, except that they are not painters, but musicians, and they try not to follow any style, but the rest is true.

Is Radio Erian a project of 10 people who prefer to remain anonymous and are neither relatives nor friends?

Actually yes, except that there are only 2 people, the brothers Michael and Matthias Erian. But in principle it is true.