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researches with arduino and vibration motors

“NAMWON Pansori – I”

A several hundred year old song, still current. Will we change?
The warrior who thinks about tomorrow’s battle: “Who will look after my parents when I’m dead? Who will take care of my limbs, which are spread over the battlefield? … “
In traditional way of presentation, underlined by a new interpretation.
Listen to this voice, you will understand.

Live-Recording of performance at Namwon Sound Artists Residency.

All electronic sounds are produced live from the voice.

Listening with headphones or good speakers recommended.

Co-Produced by Namwon Sound Artists Residency.
Thanks to Namwon Cultural City Commity.

“Friday Night Talk”

produced spring 2015, live played home made granular software instrument, once overdubbed

“Do You Have A Dollar”

Radioplay, Fieldrecording Story Telling – NY

“Step Two”

the story: the first step is to buy an instrument, the 2nd step is to make a track with it. so it was done. by matthias erian 2007